{Note, May 13, 2013: Literally just about a week ago we remembered that this page exists. The itinerary is obviously off a bit, but you can see where we’ve actually been in the massive list on the righthand side. If you’re more interested in where we’re going next, well, that’s too bad. Because we don’t really know either. July 2013 will be our last month of travel and we don’t really have plans yet. Being in the middle of nowhere (i.e. camping/hiking/backpacking) is our top priority.}

Of our year off, we’re hoping to spend about 6 months in North America and about 6 months abroad.  We want to leave our time pretty flexible, particularly when we’re abroad, so we don’t know many specifics of where we’ll go or what we’ll do. But if you’ve been to these areas and have suggestions for us (or if you want to meet us somewhere!), please let us know by leaving a comment on this page. We’d love to hear your suggestions.

So here’s the plan:

Part I: US and Canada – July through November

  • Leave home – July 9
  • Drive to Eugene, OR – July 11-20 (Country Fair, time w/ Brett’s family)
  • Drive to The Bay Area and back – July 21-28 (two weddings, Napa with friends)
  • Road trip through Western Canada – August (Seattle – Vancouver – Bowen Island – Calgary – Canadian Rockies – Winnipeg – Boundary Waters)
  • Minneapolis – August 25-September 31 (Bowen’s high school reunion – trips to Madison and Chicago – wine harvest at Bowen’s cousin’s vineyard – time w/ Bowen’s family)
  • Fly to LA – September 10-15 (Erin’s wedding)
  • Road trip through Eastern Canada – October week 1 (MI upper peninsula – Ottawa – Montreal – Prince Edward Island)
  • Road trip through New England – October week 2 (Maine – New Haven – Boston – NYC – Princeton – Ben’s wedding)
  • Road trip across the country – October week 3 (Michigan visits – Chicago – Dakotas – Montana – Walla Walla)
  • Oregon – October 24-Thanksgiving (Eugene – Portland – Manzanita – FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL)

Part II: South America – December and January

  • No itinerary set, but we’re thinking Buenos Aires up to Caracas

Part III: Southeast Asia – February and March

  • No itinerary set, but we’re thinking: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Burma, Bangladesh (Joanna!), India

Part IV: Back in the US – April

  • Our itinerary here depends heavily on potential graduate school visits, but we’d like to do a road trip that includes: Bay Area, San Diego, Tuscon, Albuquerque, Austin, New Orleans, Denver, and Yellowstone Park. Based on where Brett applies and where we end up considering, we could be anywhere! (Except Ohio State.)
  • Also, decision-making about where Brett’s going to school and where we’ll move at the end of the year. Again, could be anywhere! (Again, except Ohio State.)

Part V: Europe

  • Again no itinerary, but we’d like to do: Israel, Turkey, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, and maybe a month-long stay in Vienna … and some time in Scandinavia. And in Germany. And in France. Let’s be honest, we’d like to spend an entire year in Europe.

Part VI: Alaska visit – July

  • Finally time to go see Joey, Emily, and Jasper in Alaska! And hopefully meet Bowen’s dad and step-mom for some Alaskan fishing.


  • Back to life! Back to having a home and an income (hopefully). Hoping you’ll all come visit!

Here’s a map! Below is the Google Map we’ll be using to track our travel. It has an outline of the plan as of now, and we’ll try to update it as we go. Click here to see the map in more detail, with our itinerary detailed on the lefthand side.


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