The best laid plans …

We are in Peru!

It was a bit of a rough night –  long story short, we weren’t able to sleep in the Santiago airport as we had planned (and as we had specifically confirmed with our airline that we’d be able to do), but instead basically had to stay up all night to watch over our luggage in the public lobby area of the airport. We found what we had hoped would be a relatively quiet and dim corner, but turns out that’s where the custodial staff likes to have 3:30 a.m. reggaeton dance parties. Who knew?

But when things go not quite as planned, it’s amazing what double pisco sours and a grilled beef sandwich piled high with guacamole can do (a good way to use up the rest of our Chilean soles, thank you overpriced airport diner).


And we’re here! And we’re staying at a hostel called Pantástico Bed and Bakery, which just doesn’t stop being the most awesome concept ever. The view of Cusco from our hotel room is absolutely gorgeous, and there are literally frolicking kittens that live on the roof outside the window. Not a bad place to spend a few days adjusting to the altitude before we do Machu Picchu and head into Christmas!


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