And we’re off!


Two days to Eugene … One pickup truck, one Prius, one UHaul trailer, two Patty’s burritos, three months of ignored podcasts, three Some Crust coffees, two iPhones full of music, and a whole lot of snacks (thanks, Cheese Cave friends!) 

p.s. Testing out posting from our trusty (and very outdated) phones, but we can’t really see what it will look like when I hit “publish” … Sorry if things look wonky – we’ll adjust later if needed!




3 responses to “And we’re off!

  1. LuAnne Patterson

    Drive safely!

  2. Patty’s burritos as in Patty’s Mexican Food in Claremont? Oh how I miss thee 🙂 Your wordpress is turning to one huge personal synchronicity in 5 posts. You’re coming from the area I grew up (Think folk music center on Yale ave) to the town I live in while being at the fair I was present to where I spent my summers water skiing as a Child and Teen as a huge portion of my family lives there including my folks in the summer. Can you say run on sentence? Can you say click “follow” this wordpress? Have a safe trip, nice to meet you!

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