Welcome to our new blog!  We’ve started this site to keep in touch with everyone as we embark on our year of travel and adventure – to share pictures, stories, and our thoughts about our year off, and to stay in touch with friends and family along the way. We can’t wait to get started! (Especially because that means all our stuff will have been sorted, packed, and moved, instead of strewn around the house in a state of absolute chaos, as it is right now.)

See more about us and why we’re taking this year off here, and see our travel itinerary here.

If you’d like to keep track of our travels, either add brettandbowen.wordpress.com to your preferred blog reader or use the function on the right to sign up to get email notices of new posts.

p.s. This is the only good recent photo of us that doesn’t include football attire. Another reason to travel.


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